List Users


Endpoint : wp-json/wpuser/v1/users

Method : GET

Users are accessible through the WordPress REST API at the  /wpuser/ endpoint.

To list user, send a GET request to the wp-json/wpuser/v1/users  endpoint

Example Request Example Request


page Current page of the collection.

Default: 1

per_page Maximum number of items to be returned in result set.

Default: 10

approve Return only Approved users.
exclude Ensure result set excludes specific IDs.
include Limit result set to specific IDs.
order Order sort attribute ascending or descending.

Default: asc

One of: ascdesc

orderby Sort collection by object attribute.

Default: registered

One of: idincludename, registered, emailurl

role_not_in Exclude users who have any of the specified roles. . array().
role_in Limit the returned users that have one of the specified roles. array().