Pro AddOns

WP User Social Network

Badges and Achievements – Automatically or manually assign badges to users based on different criteria’s like Specific user roles Based on activity score i.e Number of posts, comments, followers etc. Admin can manually assign badge Follow / Unfollow Feature The follow/ unfollow feature lets users follow other users. Whenever a user posts, all the followers …

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WP User Multiple Addresses

Add Multiple Addresses and set shipping and billing address. Integration with WooCommerce. Add / Edit / Delete / Duplicate Multiple Address Get user current location(address) using Geolocation Set defualt WooCommerce billing/shipping address from address list Select WooCommerce billing/shipping address from address book on checkout page (Demo)

WP User Multiple Forms

Create multiple front-end registration forms (Show different fields each form). Unlimited custom fields. You can set weight for field. (Need to activate WP User Multiple Form Add-on) Based on field weight profile percentage will change.